Walking your dog at these pet-friendly spots in the UAE

I lived in Dubai for 10 years from 2007-2017. As I observed at that time, there were only a few pets living in the city. I relocated to Spain and spent 5 years there and now I came back to Dubai to my surprise I have seen many residents having pets and on my return to this vibrant city, I brought my fur baby. Bringing him with me was an experience that I am grateful for. It was not very easy, but we managed. As my fur baby is a cat, we cannot take him outside with us for a stroll. I understand that he will be happier inside the house, comfortable and he feels safer. But for our other four-legged friend dogs. As the weather in UAE is getting better. This is an ideal time to take them out to see these different places in UAE and an experience that you and your four-legged best friend will surely enjoy.

Its the best season for them to have a stroll even in the daytime. We have come up with a list of pet-friendly places in the UAE where you can bring along your pups and enjoy the nice weather.


Take advantage of the vastness of the desert and enjoy what nature has provided for free. With the desert surrounding the UAE, dogs can get as much exercise as they need without being tied to a leash. There are a number of activities you can do in the area, including sandboarding and watching the sunset.

The Greens

The Greens is a residential community located next to Dubais Sheikh Zayed Road. A prime location in Dubai. Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the lakes and their leafy surroundings. You can find doggie waste bins all over the neighborhood. Residents enjoy taking their pets for wonderful walks or playtime.

Dog Park, The Greens

An off-leash dog park is available in the Greens, providing dog owners with the perfect place to let their pets play.

As it is ideally located, the park is set away from neighboring apartments to ensure minimal disturbance to nearby residents. From 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., the dog park is open.

The Springs and The Meadows 

These communities are characterized by their abundance of water and greenery.

A total of three fenced dog parks are located in the community. Canines of all sizes can enjoy hours of entertainment in the dog parks thanks to numerous play equipment. A number of benches and shaded areas are also available at the parks so that pet parents can maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Check out the dog park rules here for all visitors and for your four-legged friend.

A total of three dog parks are available in the community.

  • Located behind Springs 8
  • In between Meadows 1 and Meadows 2
  • It is located next to Emirates International School

Parks are open from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lakes Towers boasts one of the most pet-friendly communities in Dubai. Getting your pet out on a walk is easy here. While your canine friends are not allowed in Central Park at JLT, the walkways around the three lakes make a fantastic walk for your four-legged friend. During a stroll around JLT, make sure your furry friends are on a leash. You can bring your dogs to the JLT dog park to run, play, socialize off-leash, and enjoy a stress-free environment. Check out the dog park rules here for all visitors and for your four-legged friend.

JLT dog parks offers:

  • Gated off-leash area
  • Wide open green spaces
  • Safe setting to run, train and play
  • Shaded area to relax

Parks are open from 6 AM to 9 PM

Guests and pets will surely enjoy the friendly, secure, and safe atmosphere at JLT community.

The Sustainable City

Located near the lake area, the dog park lies behind the sustainable plaza. Parking spaces are available near Zoom supermarket. It is situated within walking distance of pet-friendly restaurants and cafes, so you can grab a coffee or lunch while you are there.

About 25 dogs can be accommodated at once in the park. The park offers pet parents a shaded area for socializing. Here, all types and ages of dogs are welcome. To access the dog park, visitors must purchase an annual membership. For residents, the fee is 300 AED per dog per year, and for non-residents, it is 600 AED per dog per year. As a member, you will receive a silver TSC dog tag, with a number on it, which gives you access to the park. For more information, kindly contact the Kingfield Community Office at 04-2727908. And you may also visit their website for more information.

Parks are open 7 days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM

Irish Village

Among Dubais dog-friendly spots, the Irish Village has always welcomed dogs of all sizes. The Irish Village has wide, open spaces, with gardens and lakes which are suitable for walking your dog.

You will find a few stray cats, ducks, and geese to amuse your furry friend, making it important that they dont get overwhelmed by their excitement.

Burj Park

At the heart of downtown Dubai. You will find famous attractions and iconic buildings, including the mighty Burj Khalifa as you stroll along Burj Park. It is a small man-made island with art fixtures, wide walkways, and lush fields of greenery that make Burj Park a pleasant spot to walk your pet.

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